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A Guide on How to Visit Carara National Park from Jaco

Carara National Park is Costa Rica's park, just off the highway, close to Jaco. The park is known as a birder's paradise, but you can spot here many other species of animals. Read our guide on how to visit Carara National Park independently from Jaco, tips on the best things to do, how much things cost, and how to get from the park to the Crocodile Bridge without a car.

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Costa Rica: Perfect 2-Weeks Itinerary

Costa Rica is a country in Central America boasting with incredibly diverse flora, landscape, and wildlife, so no wonder it is one of the most visited and heavily traveled countries on the continent. We've put together the perfect 2-weeks itinerary aiming to help you narrow down your plans, and also offer you with other possibilities as it was not possible to see it all in such a short time.

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