We have a feeling that Malaysia is somehow overlooked by travelers, who usually opt for countries in the close neighborhood - Thailand or Indonesia.

But to skip this country is a big beginner's mistake.

Over the centuries, the country was colonized by several nations both from Europe and Asia and even though it must have been hard times for this battered land, nowadays, Malaysia can profit from a unique blend of cultures reflecting in all aspect of living, architecture, culture, and gastronomy.

And oh boy the food! If we had to choose one particular sphere where we enjoyed the Malay, Chinese and Indian influences the most, it would have been the Malay cuisine for sure.

Apart from that, Malaysia features beautiful inland and sceneries for example in Cameron Highlands area, jungles of Borneo, charming cities such as Penang, Melaka or modern capital Kuala Lumpur or attractive regions with pristine beaches and the unique underwater world. Let's explore!