Cajas National Park Hike: Best One Day Trip from Cuenca, Ecuador

Cajas National Park offers great hiking trails, stunning views and beautiful scenery. It’s a great day hike from UNESCO city Cuenca, Ecuador.

A day hike in Cajas National Park is one of the best things you can do while visiting Unesco city Cuenca. Read our hiking guide to get the most of this beautiful place in Ecuador.

What to Do in Cuenca

When we arrived in Cuenca, on the first day we explored the beautiful UNESCO city (the city center is considerably small) and the next day we took a trip to ancient Canari's and Inca's ruins of Ingapirca.

We were undecided on what to do in Cuenca on the third day of our stay.

We heard only words of praise for the Cajas National Park, but somehow were not convinced, that the place is worth visiting.

The weather forecast didn't look promising, but we desperately needed some exercise, as we spent a few past days on the bus and didn't do much. We decided to take our chances and at 9:15 AM were waiting at the bus station for the bus to Cajas National Park.

And boy, we are glad we did.

Hiking in Cajas National Park is a great way how to spend time while visitng Cuenca, Ecuador

Cajas National Park

Only about 30 kilometers from Cuenca or an hour ride by bus (surprisingly we didn't stop much along the way) you can find an absolute paradise featuring high valleys, hills, lakes, and this combination makes it a heaven for hiking.

There are about 270 lakes and lagoons, and the altitude of the park reaches up to 4450 meters.

We highly recommend you to include a trip to Cajas National Park in your Ecuador travel itinerary.

Hiking in Cajas NP became quickly one of our favorite things to do while visiting Ecuador, together with hiking around Cuicocha Lagoon near Otavalo and trekking Quilotoa Loop.

Fauna and flora in Cajas NP is diverse and rich, paramo ecosystem is unique and fragile

The Cajas National Park is also home to a large variety of fauna and flora, and the high grassland ecosystem is dominant in this area.

The highest mountain in Cajas NP is about 4450 above sea level

Hiking in Cajas National Park

The bus dropped us off at the visitor's center, where we registered, though we did not know we need to bring our ID with us (a photocopy will do). Fortunately, the ranger was tolerant (also we remembered our passport numbers), and we did not have to turn back to Cuenca.

We decided to hike number 2, and if you're looking for a great moderately hard half day hike with stunning views, this is your best option, and we highly recommend it to you.

The only catch of this trail is that you have to walk about 1.5km along the main road (Guayaquil direction) with the traffic, which was not heavy though. Approximately after 20 minutes, you will find a small green marker on the roadside, and this is the place, where you turn right.

Enjoy the Cajas NP while visiting Cuenca, Ecuador
Day hike in Cajas National Park is a perfect way how to spend a day away from busy Cuenca

From this point, we started climbing slowly through the fascinating paramo landscape and made several stops to catch our breath.

The scenery was literally breath-taking, and after some time, the trail became steeper and sharply turned uphill.

Then we made it to the top, where the other side of the valley open and we could see even more lakes and tarns. We carried on the trail on the ridge.

The views of paramo and high valleys are stunning, Cajas NP, Ecuador

We didn't meet many people along the way, but despite this fact, we have a funny story to share.

Martin wanted to take a picture of me from above, so he went ahead, and I waited on the rock on the lower viewpoint.

When he finished, I followed him and when I got to the place where we could view both sides of the valley I came to a very unusual scene: a naked man sitting on the rock and Martin taking pictures of him. He turned out to be a guy from Israel who takes his nude photos from all places he visits (he doesn't share them online though).

But anyway.

Hiking in Cajas NP quickly became one of our favorite things do in Cuenca

Finally, we reached the highest point Cerro San Luis at the altitude of 4267m and then started to descend back to the lake, and from there we walked straight to visitor's center.

Read our guide to hiking in Cajas National Park, one of the most beautiful places in Ecuador
There are around 270 lakes and lagoons in Cajas National Park
The weather in Cajas is unpredictable, wear rain-jacket, sturdy shoes and warm extra layers


The easiest way to get to the Cajas National Park is by bus.

From the bus terminal Terrestre in Cuenca, catch an Occidental bus.

Buses leave every morning at 7:00, 8:00, 9:15 and so on. It's always better to ask at the station as the departure times might change. There was a helpful lady in the info center who speaks English well, and she provided us with all information needed.

The ticket costs $2 and bus will drop you off at the visitor's center.

And, if you don't feel like traveling alone, join a guided tour.

How to Get Back to Cuenca

You can't buy a return ticket at the bus station in Cuenca.

There is only one official bus stop in the park on the main road in front of the visitor's center. All you need to do is wave at the bus going in the Cuenca direction, and it will take you back to the bus terminal.

The price for the ticket is the same, $2. Buses go quite regularly we waited less than 10 minutes on the bus stop.

Getting back to Cuenca is easy

Things you should know before hiking in Cajas National Park

In the next part, we will walk you through the things you should know before you go and will share what to expect when hiking in Cajas National Park.

High Altitude

The park lies at high altitude.

You will depart from Cuenca (2500m) and arrive at the visitor's center, which is a starting point for most hikes, at 3920m. Proper acclimatization before hiking in the park is essential so you won't have headaches and will enjoy the day at the fullest. Staying hydrated is very important at this altitude as well.

Also, some people might get tired faster than others, due to the fact, there is less oxygen to breathe.

Walk slowly, take your time, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you are arriving to Cuenca from the Galapagos Islands, you might need an extra day for proper acclimatization.

We spend a few days in Riobamba and acclimatized while biking and hiking Chimborazo.

The park lies at high altitude so the acclimatization is essential before visiting and hiking

Weather in Cajas National Park

Remember that the weather in the park is unpredictable and it's better to come prepared - it rains a lot in Cajas National Park.

We had sun, blue skies, and dark clouds while in the park for a few hours, and rain and thunderstorm on the way back to Cuenca. Due to high altitude, it's cold, not freezing though, wet, muddy and the clouds often roll over hills.

Weather in Cajas National Park changes fast, come prepared


There are eight well-signed trails at the moment.

If in doubt, ask the guy in the visitor's center, he will help you decide, which trail to hike. Some of them are short half-day trails, some are longer which might take the whole day and there are also a few multi-day hikes which require an overnight stay in the park.

We didn't get any paper map, but there is a big map hanging on the office's wall, and you are free to take a photo of it. The trail number 2 was marked with green markers and green paint on the rocks along the way. It's almost impossible to get lost.

All trails in Cajas National Park are well-signed and you won’t get lost

Park Rules, Registration, and ID

You should register and present a valid ID upon your check in at the visitor's center.

We didn't know about this rule and arrived at the park without any personal documents (it was not a problem at the end, but you never know who will be sitting behind the desk). Registration is required before entering the park also you have to inform the park ranger, which trail you will take and how long you'll approximately stay in the park.

You don't need a naturalist guide if your group is smaller than seven people.

It is better to arrive in the park in the morning.

Not only the weather is usually more stable than in the afternoon, but there is also a daily limit of the number of visitors, so it is possible that you won't be allowed to enter the park later in the afternoon,

The sign at the starting point of every hiking trail in Cajas National Park

What to Pack for Cajas NP

Bring sturdy shoes, rain jacket, extra warm layer, and sunscreen.

Be prepared for rain at any time. Even though it's required to bring a map and compass, according to the park rules, we didn't find it necessary as all the trails were well-signed.

There is a restaurant at the visitor center, but it's quite overpriced, for example, they ask $10 for typical Ecuadorian menu of the day, so it might be a good idea to bring a snack.

Here are 7 essential things to pack.

If you are not sure what to pack for South America travels, check out our South America Packing List.

Cajas NP offers great photo opportunities, bring your camera

We loved hiking in Cajas NP and would appreciate if you let us know in the comments below, when anything changes, so the article will stay up to date for other readers and avid hikers.

Where To Stay In Cuenca

It is a great idea to make Cuenca your base for exploring Cajas National Park because the city is beautiful and there are plenty of things to do.

We've handpicked three hotels for every budget with great reviews to ensure your stay in Cuenca will be unforgettable.

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