Hotel Review: Casa Kuelap Hostal, Peru

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Traveling to Chachapoyas in Peru and don't know where to stay? We share our review of Casa Kuelap Hostal, a perfect accommodation while in the city.

We believe that soon every traveler in Peru will visit the city of Chachapoyas. Nowadays, the area of Northern Highlands is very often skipped in favor of world-famous or more easily accessible sites. It is true that to reach Chachapoyas, you must undergo quite a long journey (depending on where you travel from), for example, we must have taken 10 hours bus from Chiclayo (after we crossed borders from Ecuador). But look at it positively from the other side - you can take an overnight bus so you will save on accommodation plus will be in Chachapoyas early in the morning and will have all day long ahead.

Chachapoyas lies in the cloud forest and once it was an important transport hub on the way to Amazonas. Although today you still can start your Amazon adventure here, the main reason why people visit Chachapoyas is different.

For hiking enthusiast, beautiful off-the-beaten paths await, those who fancy waterfalls can visit Catarata de Gocta, one of the highest waterfalls in the world and last but not least, the spectacular ruins of Kuelap which can be beaten probably only by Machu Picchu stands here quietly high above the trees and patiently awaits when their time of fame will come.

Hope you got the sense of the area already, but there are many more things to do. But we must admit that Kuelap ruins were for us the number one reason why to travel to Chachapoyas. And where else to stay than in a hotel carrying the same name: Casa Kuelap Hostal. Here you can read a review of our stay in this hotel.


We arrived early in the morning from Chiclayo (around 7 AM) and only wanted to leave our backpacks in the hotel (it is hard to do some sightseeing with 20 km on your back).

What a surprise that we were able to check in without any hustle! A friendly gentleman let us in, showed us around and we could take a shower we were longing for before hitting streets of Chachapoyas.

Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru

We know that the early check-in always depends on the hotel occupancy, but after the whole night spent on the bus, it made our day. In case you wouldn't be that lucky, you can leave your backpacks here an relax in the garden.

But more about it later.


Casa Kuelap Hostal is located only about five minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas Square.

Nearby, you can find plenty of restaurants, tour agencies and markets as well. The long-distance Movil Tours bus terminal is about 10 minutes walk while the local terminal Terrestre is 15 minutes walk from the hotel. If this is too far from you, it is easy to catch a taxi anywhere in Chachapoyas.

The view from Casa Kuelap Hostal terrace


From the outside, the hotel looks unobtrusive.

A white facade, the logo of the hotel and brown door, that's it. You must ring a bell to get inside, something you appreciate when it comes to safety. As the building doesn't give away what is inside, you might be a bit surprised.

Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas is a perfect retreat from busy town

Right behind the front desk is a courtyard.

On the left side is a kitchen where the breakfast is served and in case you want to prepare your meals, you can cook here for a small additional fee. There are only two floors, and all rooms are facing the courtyard, but as there are only eight rooms in the property, it is remarkably quiet here.

There is also a garage in case you are traveling by car, but it is better to make a reservation in advance to make sure you will have your spot as it is not that big.


If there is one highlight we must mention, it is the garden.

What could be better after a long active day than to sit and relax in a beautifully restored and well taken care of garden? You can sit by the table, on the sofa, rocking-chair, on the swing or on the lawn - wherever it is the most comfortable for you.

There are various flowers everywhere around, and it felt so good, especially when we realized our position, only a few hundred meters from the city center.

Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas is a perfect retreat from busy town


You can always tell when you arrive in the small family-run hotel.

The atmosphere is often more laidback, more welcoming and less formal. In Casa Kuelap Hostal we found it all.

A nice place with a relaxed atmosphere where we did not feel bad just because we arrived with our dirty backpacks and a plastic bag in hand full of fruits (if I’m not mistaken, those bananas rode with Lucie all the way from Cuenca).

Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru
Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru

The hotel is quiet, and you can tell, that travelers who booked this hotel are here for the same reason as you are.

People who are seeking for the adventure and those who the most of the day spend outside, but look for comfort and clean room when they come back. If you need one day off, this is also what you appreciate - a feeling that the hotel is only yours.

Hotel review of Casa Kuelap Hostal, Chachapoyas, Peru


We could tell since we entered the room that this hotel is completely new. We could smell the novelties. Rooms are spacious with super clean white sheets on the beds.

Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru

The biggest feature is the glass window slash doors across almost the entire room - thanks to it all rooms are bright and look even bigger.

The bathroom is brand new and has everything you would expect, including the large shower head and pretty holder for your toothbrush. It also has what we often miss a lot in hotel rooms - several holders to dry towels or our clothes.

Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru
Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru
Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru

The room is equipped with a wardrobe (with hangers!), TV (Netflix), strong wifi, table, chair, armchair and even with a kettle so you can make tea or coffee before going to bed.

Hotel Review of Casa Kuelap Hostal in Chachapoyas, Peru


No need to worry about what to eat in the morning as breakfast is always in the room rate. It is freshly made in the kitchen and contains eggs, pastries, and marmalade.

Breakfast is a bit different every morning in case you are going to stay here a couple more nights.

Breakfast at Casa Kuelap Hostel


Everyone we met in the hotel was friendly and helpful. Because it is a family who takes care of the property, there is always someone around - if no one at the desk, you only need to ring the bell. It is best if you can speak Spanish, but we communicated with the staff before our arrival via Facebook Messenger in English, and we got all the answers needed quickly and comprehensively.


We noticed that because the hotel is brand new, there are still not many pictures on the walls, although we saw a few in the hallway which are most likely ready to be hung on the walls soon.

You can notice a pretty detail on the wooden headboard of the bed where is the logo of the hotel.

Where to stay in Chachapoyas, Peru

And of course, flowers. Flowers are everywhere around and make the place even more pleasant.

Tips on where to stay in Chachapoyas, Peru when traveling on budget


Prices fluctuate throughout the year and season. The cheapest double room starts at $40 per night with breakfast, but if you are lucky, and there is a promo, you can secure the room even cheaper.

Check prices and availability for Casa Kuelap Hostal.

This post was written in collaboration with hotel Casa Kuelap Hostal. As always, all opinions are our own.


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