Tupiza: How to Enjoy Bolivia's Wild West on a Budget

Read our guide for all best things to do in Tupiza and how to hike and explore its beautiful countryside

Tupiza, a small quiet town in Bolivia is a great place for budget travelers. Use our guide to hike among weathered rock formations, tall cactus plants, canyons, and valleys. You can also use Tupiza as a starting point for Salar de Uyuni Tour or horseback riding tour.

Tupiza is not the most well-known city in Bolivia but is slowly gaining travelers' attention.

The hot climate with low precipitations (even in the rainy season) is welcoming, and there is no shortage of things to do either. It doesn't matter if you just crossed borders from Argentina and want to take a well-deserved break in a town where the time flows at a slow pace, or if you decided to start here your Salar de Uyuni adventure or if you came, as we did, to explore the beautiful Tupiza's surroundings. In any case, you have just arrived in the right place.

We would like to guide you through the incredible scenery near Tupiza which you can enjoy on a budget.

Tupiza offers tours, hiking in the badlands, horseback riding and it’s a starting point to Salar de Uyuni

Although for us, hiking the red rock landscapes was the main reason to visit Tupiza, this is not the only activity visitors can do here.

The scenery around the city is very unusual and encourage travelers to many activities. Apart from independent trekking, another favorite activity is horseback riding or jeep tours, but as we travel on a budget, we did not find necessary to spend money on tours here because walking around seemed to be easy enough.

Every year more and more visitors decide to set off on their Salar de Uyuni tour in Tupiza.

You can read about our experience although we did the 3-day tour from Uyuni, journeys are almost similar, only tours from Tupiza are usually one day longer and also a little bit more expensive (but on the other hand less touristy as they follow a different schedule).

Read about best things to do in Tupiza, Bolivia's wild west with red canyons


We felt completely safe when in Bolivia, however, it is still a fact that it is a poor country and it is better not to walk around in brand new clothes or show off your costly electronics.

When going on a hike, take only your camera, phone with Maps.me app and a small amount of cash (there is no entrance fee, but you might want to use public transport to get to the trailhead).

The heat can be unbearable as there is no shade, and unless you start before sunrise, there is a good chance you'll be hiking around midday.

Pack at least two liters of water per person and don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat.

  • Bandana | Use it as head wear or as a face protection against the dust.

  • Hiking Boots for Him & for Her | Trail is rocky, sturdy shoes is a must.

  • Hiking Poles | If you are fan of hiking poles, bring them. You might also feel more safe in case you see strayed dogs.

  • Sunscreen | Shade is scarce and you will be walking all day on direct sun.

  • Lip Balm with Sunscreen | Protect not only your skin but also lips.

  • Camera | This camera is light and compact perfect for travelling.

  • Snacks | There are no food stalls or shops where you can buy snacks, so bring your own.

For hiking in canyons near Tupiza, you need only plenty of water, good shoes, and sunscreen

You'll be hiking in almost 3000 meters above sea level (under the harsh sun), and altitude sickness prone people can feel it.

Enjoy a couple extra days in Tupiza to get used to the altitude. If you’ve visited north part of Bolivia, like mysterious Lake Titicaca or La Paz, you shouldn’t have any problems.

You can be a dog lover, but it is better to stay away from strayed and wild dogs (there is so many of them in Bolivia).

The potential problem can arise when they don't stay away from you. We were lucky and did not have any encounter with dogs along the way, but still, we carried our South America safety hiking kit with us - sticks and rocks.

You can find dramatic rock canyons, cacti, and picturesque rock formations in Tupiza, a hidden gem of Bolivia in South America
With lots of things do in Tupiza, it's one of our most favorite towns in Bolivia


It would have been impossible to visit Tupiza and not to hear two names: Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.

Those two were American notorious outlaws who lived by the turn of the 19th and 20th century and were known for bank robbing and train robbing. After committing several crimes, they had to leave the USA and fled to South America.

Famous bandits Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid met their end near Tupiza, Bolivia

First to Argentina and then to Bolivia where they met their end when they were recognized and subsequently killed by the Bolivian army.

Although it did not happen in Tupiza but in a nearby small mining town San Vicente it is believed that they moved around dramatic red valleys near Tupiza a lot, and it's why every single travel company invite travelers from all around the world to follow in the footsteps of those two anti-heroes.


Where else get the true sense of the place than from viewpoints overlooking the town. You don't need to climb up Cerro de la Cruz, but any hill around Tupiza will provide you with excellent views.

The best time for a walk is around sunset to see the red formations around turning red.

Tupiza is still a relatively undiscovered and perfect place for every traveler who wants to visit the off beaten destinations


Several agencies (with a sign tourist information) we visited refused to provide us with the map of the area saying it is only for their customers (well, we believe that their clients don't need a plan because they have tour guide), but you can use Google maps or Maps.me app to see trails around Tupiza, and you can navigate yourself safely.

Several interesting rock formations are dispersed around Tupiza, and unless you don't want to spend here longer to explore the area thoroughly, we can recommend you to take the one day hike we did. It is not necessary to use public transport (unless you want to), you don't need to pay any fees, and overall you will have a nice day out.

On this day, you will visit Canon del Duende, Valle de Los Machos, Puerta del Diablo and Canon del Inca.

It is a picturesque hike where you'll be wandering around the area which might remind you American Wild West.

Tupiza is an offbeat destination you must visit while traveling around Bolivia

In Tupiza, find the old rail tracks and follow them in the south direction.

You'll be walking along the tracks for approximately twenty minutes until you reach a place where you can either carry on straight or turn right. In case you want to skip this unappealing and a bit tiring part, you can take a collectivo running along the street for Bs 2. Turn right and walk on the road around newly built houses and dump station.

To get to the first stop Canon del Duende, follow the main road (there is a little traffic), climb the short hill and right after you will see a dirt road on your right.

Leave the main road and follow the dusty one to enter the canyon. Here, you can walk as far and as long as you please.

Canyon del Duende has rock formations, narrow passages and it's a fun place to visit
You can hike around Tupiza independently and save some money

To get from Canon del Duende to Valle de Los Machos and Canon del Inca, you must walk back the same way you came and turn left just before the developing area.

There is no sign but you should not have a problem to find it as all trails are marked in the map. Follow the trail lined with cacti trees (you can make sure you walk right when you see horse poop on the trail) and once you cross a short hill and get down, turn left - you'll be walking through Valle de Los Muchachos to Canon del Inca.

Tupiza is a sleepy small town in the south of Bolivia featuring beautiful nature and amazing rock formations

Once you'll have enough pictures of the red rock formations, you can walk back, and on the spot where you emerged from Canon del Duende, go left. Walk through spectacular Puerta del Diablo, turn left and follow the dusty trail until you get on the paved road, walk around another dump station and get to Tupiza from the opposite side.

The whole trek is approximately 20 kilometers long and will take five or six hours to finish.

Tupiza is perfect for everyone who loves outdoor adventures and unspoiled nature


Although Tupiza still doesn't have a firm position on every traveler's itinerary, it is fairly easy to get there by bus (or also by train).

From La Paz, you will have to change buses in Oruro, but there are direct buses from other cities such as Potosi, Sucre or Uyuni. From Tupiza, there is also a connection to Bolivia's wine region represented by the city of Tarija, or you can carry on to Argentina which is accessible via Villazon.

Tupiza is a budget-friendly destination and perfect for every traveler who travels around South America on a shoestring
You can easily spend two days exploring Tupiza's countryside


One advice first. In case you would arrive in Tupiza early in the morning (like we did at 4 AM), you can check-in in the hotel (in case they have a room available), but to get in, do not ring on the doorbell, but knock hard otherwise no one will hear you.

When it comes to accommodation, Tupiza has several decent options for every budget.

Budget: Anexo Mitru - A centrally located hostel with good wifi, clean facilities and more than decent breakfast for the price.

Mid-range | Hotal La Torre - reasonably priced hotel with comfortable beds, great reviews, and location which is hard to beat.

Luxury | El Grano de Oro Hotel - Tupiza don't have many luxurious hotels, so if you are looking for a treat, this hotel is your best bet.

Alternatively, search for your accommodation via Hostelworld.


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