5 best travel apps for canadian rockies while traveling in canada by laidbacktrip

We've handpicked the best travel apps we used to save our time and travel more efficiently in Canada and the Canadian Rockies, but you can use them for all your travels generally. All information, advice, maps, and tips in your pocket.

Every time we travel abroad, we search for apps which may help us with our upcoming journey. And even though it is an excellent idea to get away from technology, and camp or hike in the wilderness without a cell phone and mobile signal, there are moments when travel apps come especially handy. Either you need an accurate weather forecast for your next trek, or don't know where are you going to spend a night, there is an app for that.

Weather Network

When it comes to a weather forecast, the only thing that matters is hourly accuracy. You might find countless other apps with either more pleasing user interface or cool functions while browsing app store, but this one did the job for us and was the most reliable. It is good to remember, that weather in the Canadian Rockies is unpredictable and can change quickly so be prepared for the worst when planning outdoor activities.

Wikicamps Canada

If the weather app is the most important, the Wikicamps is the most facilitating in guiding you on your journey, and we couldn't imagine traveling in Canada without this app. You don't even need an internet connection as it works offline, the database is kept up-to-date by the user community, allows you to find campsites effortlessly and just makes everything so much easier.

The only downside is the app is not free for IOS.

Learn to Camp

Would you like to spend a night in the wilderness or in a designated campground, and not entirely sure, what to pack or how to set up a tent? Camping in the Canadian Rockies can be an unforgettable experience, and this app is going to help you with that. Learn to Camp is the official app created by Parks Canada and even though it's aimed at first-time campers, it still offers useful tips and advice to everyone. What we've truly appreciated the most was a function called camping checklists, which allows creating your list so you won't leave anything at home.


One of the coolest and educative apps you can download on your device. Just point your cell phone's camera at the night sky, and the app will identify celestial objects you see. With billions of stars above, this app comes handy when camping outdoors away from the city lights.


We used this app every day on our travels through the Canadian Rockies and couldn't recommend it enough. It does an outstanding job not only in Canada but is very useful all around the world.

It's free, maps have significantly smaller size when compared to Google Maps, and you can download entire country or even the whole world. Navigation works in offline mode (walking, cycling, driving), you can bookmark every place on the map and the reason why we love this app so much, are hiking trails. You will be surprised how many trails it offers, and even though it can't compete with specialized hiking apps, its overall versatility is what makes it great.

Quick Tip: To save a map, just zoom in and download the country of your choice.