Jardin: Our Favorite Colonial Town in Colombia

Jardin is a beautiful colonial town in Colombia, and our travel guide includes all the best tips on things to do, where to stay, and how to get there.

Jardin is a quiet town in Colombia, not that far from Medellin, which hasn't been yet discovered by many travelers. Read our Jardin guide, find tips and advice on the best things to do, must visit places and where to stay in one of the most beautiful pueblos in Colombia.

In translation, the word "jardin" means garden, and there's a reason why the "pueblo" carries this name, it is for sure one of the most beautiful towns we’ve visited in Colombia and thanks to its peaceful atmosphere it became quickly also one of our all-time favorites.


Jardin, a laidback town in Colombia's Antioquia department, is no secret to local travelers but thankfully, it is still off the classic backpacker's trail.

Jardin guide with travel tips and advice.
Visitor's guide to Jardin, Colombia will make your trip full of adventures.

Not many international travelers pay a visit to this little colonial town with a friendly atmosphere and beautiful hilly surroundings.

We always love to discover places like this, where the feel is authentic, no one cares about us (in a good way), and always, when leaving, we are delighted that we made it before the mass tourism will change the town's spirit. 

Jardin is a small colonial pueblo in Colombia, and we have a guide with useful tips on the best things to do.

Of course, you will find here a few tour agencies offering horseback riding, bird watching or hiking tours around the town, but it is kept on a low level as almost all tours, if not all are in Spanish (English is not widely spoken in Colombia) and at the moment Jardin is far from being ready for international tourism.

Our Jardin guide includes the best things to do and tips on where to stay.


Since we arrived in Jardin, we couldn't stop thinking, what people from Jardin do for a living.

Don't take us wrong there are shops, restaurants, and coffee houses open and we believe they are hard working people, but the first impression when you come to the main plaza is that this town must be full of rentiers.

Jardin is our favorite colonial town in Colombia.

The Jardin's square boasts with coffee houses, every coffee house has its own colorfully hand-painted chairs and tables outside set throughout the plaza, and what is the most interesting, any time of the day we came, tables were usually taken by locals enjoying their cup(s) of coffee. 


We like towns such as Jardin as there is a bit from everything, there are no must-see places and no feeling of rush.

You can spend your time actively in the surrounding hills, observe the unique fauna and flora or relax in coffee houses, wander around Jardin's streets and do nothing much, but either way, you choose, you'll have a feeling of the nicely spent day.

Jardin, a quiet town in Colombia, is the perfect retreat from a hectic Medellin.


Take your camera in hand and set off to explore Jardin's architecture. The best thing about Jardin is that the town is so small you don't need any transport as everything is conveniently located near the plaza and you can get everywhere on foot.

Exploring streets in Jardin was our favorite activity during our trip.

During our travels in Colombia we visited quite a lot of small colonial towns (beautiful Villa de Leyva and picturesque Barichara from top of my head) which were supposed to be the prettiest or the most colorful, but to be honest, Jardin became our most favorite one, although it is not on the front page of travel magazines.

The colonial streets of Jardin are full of colors, small cafes, restaurants and a relaxing atmosphere.

Enjoy leisure stroll in streets leading from the main square, and of course, you can't miss  Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a neo-gothic style church standing on the square which we found disproportionate to the size of Jardin (understand too big).


It is hard to resist. Everyone in Jardin drinks coffee, the smell of the delicious drink is wafting from every corner, and although we are usually tea persons, Jardin was the place where we for the first time tried the first quality Colombian coffee.

For the best coffee in the town, go to Cafe Macanas.

If you don't have time to go to the Jardin in Coffee Triangle, you still should visit at least more famous Salento which is also known for amazing coffee and popular Cocora valley.

Jardin is famous not only for colonial history but also for a great coffee.


Jardin is set between hills and to get beautiful views of the town, and its surroundings, you can either hike up or take one of two cable cars they have here.

The newer cable car Cable Aereo Jardin didn't seem to work when we visited Jardin, it starts on Calle 8 and leads to a mirador, but you can take a hike to the mirador on own.

You will love the narrow streets, house decorations, colorful doors, and fascinating architecture.

The second cable car La Garrucha is the old one and cost COP 3 500 one way.

The ride itself isn't somehow spectacular and the cable car ends in the restaurant on the hill, more interesting is the cable car itself.

You can take a cable car in Jardin and experience a great adventure.

La Garrucha is basically a wooden box which can fit up to 5 people, and it was originally built by a local who wanted to get from his house on the slopes to the town more conveniently.

What a completely different experience from a riding modern cable car in Manizales!

The ride is not for fainthearted but is worth it.

Check out our guide list on best things to do in Jardin, Colombia.


Jardin is a place, where you can spot Gallitos de Rocas alias cock-of-the-rock.

Large birds native to South America are flamboyant and very hard to miss because of their bright red color and unique shape of the head and crest (those are males, females are the opposite, brownish and unostentatious.

Jardin travel guide.

To see those birds, go to Reserva Natural Jardin de Rocas. The entrance fee is COP 10 000 and opening hours are 6 AM - 7:30 AM and 4 PM - 5:30 PM.

To get there, walk Calle 9 to the river, but do not cross the yellow bridge, instead, turn right downhill and in about 50 meters you will reach the gate.

Bird watching is best to do around sunset and sunrise.

A reserve is a place where some lady lives, so in case she is not near, you can try to shout, or there is a phone number you can reach her at and ask her to open the door for you.

Bird watching is a must activity to do in Jardin, Colombia.

In the garden, there are few viewing platforms where you can patiently and quietly wait for Gallitos de Rocas.

Jardin is one of the best spots for bird watching.

Binoculars or guides are not needed. There is also an online form form where you can make a reservation, but we filled the form last minute and did not receive any answer, and there was no problem we showed up without reservation.

Jardin guide with tips on best things to do.


We decided to take only a short trek to the Mirador Cristo Rey (can be reached by a newer cable car when works) standing above Jardin.

The hike in green and lush hills around Jardin was a pleasant one, and although the trail was sometimes muddy, the round trip took us only about 2.5 hours.

The trek is not very well-signposted, but you won't get lost, the best way how to follow it is to have an app Maps.me. From the intersection of Calle 13 and Carrera 2, head down and cross the bridge over creek Paraisa.

The hilly landscape around Jardin is beautiful and you will want to stay there longer.

On another crossing, stay left and after approximately 200 meters turn left. There is a restaurant, follow the narrow path leading uphill.

Jardin attracts visitors from all over the world.

The muddy path zig-zags uphill, and you'll emerge on the wider road, here turn left again and follow the road. In a few minutes, you'll see a wooden sign Cristo Rey to the left.

There are lots of things to do in Jardin even for budget travelers.

To get back to Jardin, you can either return the same way or from Mirador, when facing Jardin, walk down the left trail.

It is a narrow path, and approximately in the middle, you can walk down or turn right.

Hiking is a fun activity in Jardin, just watched out for strayed dogs.
Jardin guide on things to do, where to stay and must visit places.

We chose the right one, had to cross one private property with a barking dog (luckily on a leash) and arrived in Jardin on Calle 11 and Carrera 2.

We created a Jardin travel guide to decide what places to visit.


  • Binoculars | Perfect compact lightweight binoculars for bird watching.

  • Kindle | We found extremely useful to have our own portable library for lazy afternoons in Colombia.

  • A Guidebook to Coffee | Jardin is a pueblo in famous Zona Cafetera, and this book might provide you with much needed coffee basics.

  • Travel Adapter | Do not forget to bring along travel adapter with multi-plugs to keep your electronics working.

  • Camera | Compact and reliable camera is a must for traveling.

We've also written an in-depth South America packing list where you will find more useful tips and advice on what to pack.


Probably the most featured activity around Jardin is horseback riding. We didn't do it here though.

First of all, we knew we would try this activity in San Agustin, second of all, the price was COP 80 000 each for only 2 hours which seemed to us a bit pricey.

Including a Jardin to your Colombia travel itinerary is a must.

La Cueva Esplendor is a beautiful cave outside the town with waterfall. You can do it as a part of a jeep tour (which we didn't find interesting), or it should be possible to walk there on a day-long hike, but we couldn't find any recent information if it is possible and the lady in the information center told us we must take a jeep tour.

We believe the muddy path goes through private properties with strayed dogs and that's why we decided to give it a pass.


Jardin can be easily reached from Medellin, and the ride takes 3.5 to 4 hours. Medellin has two bus terminals, to get to Jardin, head to Terminal Sur. From here, take a bus company Rapido Ochoa (several times a day), the ticket cost COP 26 000 per person.

Terminal Sur is not connected to Metro we found the easiest to take a taxi, from Poblado district, it cost only COP 5000.


The accommodation in Jardin is slightly more expensive, especially during weekends when paisas from Medellin arrive to enjoy their days off, so it is always better to book your room in advance.

Budget | Hostal Palo de Rosa - The lovely place just off the main square is a perfect place for budget travelers looking for a warm, friendly and clean hostel. We stayed here for three nights and can only recommend this place.

Mid-range | Hotel Kantarrana Urbana Jardin - This cute hotel offers nice and well-appointed rooms and a beautiful garden where guests can chill after all day out.

Luxury | Casa Passiflora Hotel Boutique - A gorgeous stylish place if you are looking for a luxurious, yet still affordable retreat.

Alternatively, search for your accommodation via Hostelworld.

Jardin is a beautiful colonial town full of colorful streets, hotels, and restaurants.


We found a great restaurant La Parrilla De Mi Pueblo on the corner of Carrera 6 and Calle 9 with cheap menu del dia for COP 9 500.

Eating out is a must activity to do while visiting Jardin, Colombia.


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