Bogota: A Practical Guide to the Colombia's Capital

Here is our guide to Bogota, Colombia including best things to do, must visit places, tips on where to stay and how to stay safe.

Bogota, Colombia's capital is most likely the city where every traveler will eventually stop by for a day or more when visiting Colombia. Find tips on things to see and do in Bogota. Our post will help you to plan and enjoy your time in Bogota better.

When we travel, we usually expect that the visit to a country's capital will be one of the highlights on the way. It was slightly different with Bogota, the capital city of Colombia.

It is not the city you will fall in love at first sight, maybe not even at the second one.

But after a while, you'll probably find out as we did, that Bogota, nestled between green hills, has nice colonial architecture, romantic cobbled streets in La Candelaria district, surprisingly good museums, cool street art and some modern architecture as well.


Bogota with 8 million inhabitants is the largest and most crowded city in Colombia, especially on weekends, when everyone takes a family to the city center for a lunch and leisure stroll.

The whole country, Bogota included, go through a complicated process to restore its reputation and to gain credibility and image of the safe and tourist-friendly country.

what to see and do in bogota | colombia travel guide by laidbacktrip

Even though the situation is much better than it used to be twenty or ten years ago, the violent and drug-related history is not easy to erase and forget, and there is still a long way to go.

what to see in and do in a bogota | colombia travel guide by laidbacktrip

Very often question when it comes to Bogota, Medellin or Colombia overall is safety.

Although there's been progress in past years for sure, visitors still should follow simple rules to avoid inconveniences and use common sense.

Do not walk far from tourist areas, it is always better to travel with someone, do not walk alone after dark and when possible, take Uber (the service is illegal in Colombia so it up to you if you want to use this service or regular taxi).

Every city has an area which is better to avoid, but in Bogota, it was surprisingly close to the center. Once we didn't pay attention to where are we going and within 10 minutes we were in a neighborhood where we didn't feel comfortable at all and quickly fled.

Also, pay attention to your belongings, even locals recommend to wear a backpack on your belly or at least somewhere you can see it all the time.

read about bogota safety in a travel guide by laidbacktrip

Unfortunately, for the first time we travel, we were robbed, and it was right here in Bogota. 

It happened within a second.

I had a jacket around my waist, left a phone in a closed pocket, and some "professional" got lucky.

So the advice is, enjoy the features city has to offer, but don't walk around light headed and always follow safety rules so your visit won't have the bitter taste.

We also created article Is It Safe To Travel To South America? where you can find useful tips from our personal experience.


We spent five days in Bogota and had plenty of time to explore the best things to see and do in the city, and we think that you should definitely include it in your Colombia travel itinerary as there is so much to learn and explore.

Here's a list what you should not miss.


Also known as Gold Museum, Colombia's best museum and one of the best museums in South America displays more than 55 000 pieces of gold from pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia.

visit gold museum in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip

The entrance fee is only COP 4000, and it is free on Sundays, but we recommend to visit it on other days if possible as it gets crowded.

visit museo del oro in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip

We appreciated bilingual descriptions (Spanish and English) as it is not always common in Colombia.

visit museo del oro in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip


Bogota is among the best ten cities in the world, where you can find the street.

There are even Graffiti city tours, and if you are more interested in it, you should join.

We didn't need the tour to find colorful walls almost everywhere around the city, and it gives Bogota special lively atmosphere.

see streetart and graffiti in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip

The story of the legalization of graffiti in Bogota contains violence, death, Justin Bieber, protests and rapid changes of law.

Generally, the story is colorful as Colombia itself, and that's why, in the end, all artists in the city are now grateful they have legal places where to express themselves and show their art.

see streetart and graffiti in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip
see streetart and graffiti in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip


Bogota lies 2640 meters above sea level and even higher above the city, in 3152 meters, is towering a mountain with a sacred church, Monserrate Monastery.

hike to monserrate monastery in bogota by laidbacktrip

There are three ways how to get to the top of the mountain, from where are open views of Bogota. It is possible to take funicular, cable car or walk.

cable car to cerro monserrate in bogota by laidbacktrip

We decided to stay active, and it took us about an hour and a half to get to the monastery.

Cerro de Monserrate used to be a dangerous area where knifepoint muggings were no exceptions (it should be OK now though), but that's why it is still recommended to visit during weekends when the route is full with locals (we hiked up on Sunday, and there were hundreds or maybe even thousands of people, and we felt completely safe).

hike to cerro monserrate in bogota by laidbacktrip


We usually explore a city on own, but we found a company which does free walking tours around Bogota (donations are appreciated) and had a good rating on Tripadvisor, so we gave it a try, and now we can't recommend it enough.

Tour with Beyond Colombia was well-organized, our tour guide spoke English very well, was knowledgeable, and we learned so much about the history of Bogota and Colombia as well.

bogota walking tour guide by laidbacktrip


The Candelaria area in the city's downtown offers the mix of colonial buildings, cobbled streets, churches and modern architecture as well.

visit candelaria in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip

Most of the Bogota's historical events took place in this district.

It is easy to wander in narrow streets, lose track of time, sit in one of many coffee shops and taste traditional drinks such as chicha or chucula.

When in La Candelaria, you shouldn't miss Calle de Embudo, Plaza de Bolivar, Primada Cathedral, San Francisco Church, San Augustin Church, or walk Carrera Septima street.

visit candelaria in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip
visit candelaria in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip


Plaza de Bolivar is part of La Candelaria, but for its importance, we want to mention it separately. It is Bogota's main square located right in the capital's city historical center.

cathedral on plaza bolivar in bogota | a colombia guide by laidbacktrip

The square is lined with buildings of high historical and architectural significance.

bolivar statue on plaza bolivar in bogota | a colombia guide by laidbacktrip

There is the Primary Cathedral of Bogota on the East side, National Capitol on the South of the Square, Lievano Palace on the West (today's city hall) and the North side belongs to Palace of Justice, the newest building on the square which had to be rebuilt after it was completely destroyed by the Colombian Army, during M-19’s siege, in 1985.

visit palace of justice on plaza de bolivar in a bogota guide by laidbacktrip


Bogota is a lively city, and the best place where to observe the Colombian temperament is on Carrera Septima.

The boulevard is a no-go zone for cars and thanks to it is full of street performers such as dancers, actors, singers or magicians who do their best to attract passing by people, get the appreciation for their artistry and make some money.

experience street art on carrera septima in bogota with a travel guide by laidbacktrip


Colombia is the world's largest producer of emeralds so no wonder that the capital city holds an exposition with the precious emerald collection. It is not allowed to take photos in the private museum you can take pictures only from the windows as the museum is on the 23rd floor of Avianca building and the views from here are nice.

The entrance fee is COP 5000.

visit international emerald museum in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip


The completely free museum consists of many collections especially of modern art, but the most famous part is the one dedicated to the work of Fernando Botero, the world's renowned painter and sculpturer from Colombia.

visit museo botero in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip

His style is unmistakable as he plays in all his work with proportions and volume.

We found his work a bit strange, but after all, we are not experts :).

visit museo botero in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip
visit museo botero in bogota colombia by laidbacktrip

How to Get to/from Bogota

Plane | El Dorado International Airport is the largest in Colombia located almost 15 kilometers from the city center, and it usually takes something between 30 minutes to an hour to ge to the city center depending on the traffic. We took Uber to the city center, but it was a little bit more complicated than we had expected. There are also regular yellow taxis available at the airport.

When looking for flight tickets you can search Skyscanner to find the best price.

Bus | Bogota is well-connected with the rest of the country, and there are currently three main bus stations. All main routes should be safe now, and you shouldn't have any safety problems. Here is our tip - always use only reputable transport companies, even though, they are usually slightly more expensive while traveling around Bogota (and South America in general).

3 Best Tours to Do in Bogota

There are tours in Bogota to suit all interests and all traveling styles, from a more adventurous bike tour to traditional full day tour with local experts. Or leave a Bogota for a day trip and go explore a Roman Catholic church built in an abandoned salt mine 200 meters underground.

Bogota Bicycle Tours | Bogota: Full-Day Grand City Tour | Salt Cathedral Group Tour

What ot Pack for Bogota

Bogota is situated at an altitude of 2,640 meters and thanks to the higher altitude it might be a little bit colder than you would think for a city close to the equator, so pack an extra warm layer just in case. If you want to feel extra safe when leaving a hotel room, buy a money belt and anti-theft day pack.

Also, keep your valuables in your hotel, or at least don't show them off when walking on the street.

Here are 5 essential things we think you need for Bogota.

  • Windbreaker for Him & for Her | As we've already mentioned, pack a good jacket and some warm layers.

  • Sneakers for Him & for Her | Long day walking around the city can be tiring, wear comfy shoes to prevent blisters.

  • Anti-Theft Daypack | A well designed, comfortable, sturdy day pack where you can easily fit your travel things, phone, valuables, and 13inch laptop.

  • Sunscreen | Use sunscreen in Bogotaeven if you just go out to explore the city.

  • Money Belt | Wearing a money belt will help you avoid many sketchy situations in the city center of Bogota.

We've also written an in-depth South America packing list where you will find more useful tips and advice on what to pack.


Nowadays, there are many hostels and hotels to choose from for every budget. The most recommended areas are the historic district, La Candelaria and a bit further a little bit upscale Chapinero area or Zona Rosa and Zona G, both also known for excellent food scene and safety.

We stayed in Santa Fe, well-connected area to the city center and from here we could get everywhere on foot and didn't have to use any transportation at all.

We've handpicked hotels for every traveler's budget.

Budget | Hotel San Francisco de Asís - Located in Santa Fe district, close to most important sights in the city, this nice hotel is a great choice for budget travelers.

Mid-range | Hotel Ibis Bogota Museo - Wonderful location right next to the national museum, modern clean rooms, and a buffet breakfast, make this hotel a great value for money.

Luxury | Radisson AR Bogota Airport - Spacious, modern and comfortable rooms, great service, and excellent location close to the international airport. Free airport shuttle is provided.

Alternatively, search for your accommodation via Hostelworld.


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