65 Best Travel Accessories for Men and Women in 2019

Best Travel Accessories for Men and Women to make your next trip unforgettable.

Here are the 65 best travel accessories and gadgets for men and women you can buy out there, that will make your next trip go smoothly. Use the right gear, travel smarter, better, and safer.

When packing for your trip, and it does not matter if we are talking here about a year-long journey around the world or about your well-deserved two weeks vacation, you'll soon find out that there are simply too many travel accessories to choose from out there (especially on Amazon), and it is not easy to figure out what is the best must-have travel accessories and what are only useless overpriced things which will at the end only take a valuable space in your backpack. 

Often, when preparing for a trip, we have to decide between things we only like without any particular reason and between stuff which is completely necessary and makes a very fine line between perfect adventure and disastrous travel fail. We've been traveling together for more than ten years now, and during that period, we had plenty of opportunities to personally try and test many travel accessories.

That's why we have created this ultimate travel accessories guide for both men and women, which will help you travel better and more comfortably. 

We don't suggest you to buy all items as your backpack would look like a travel accessories store, but based on your experience and travel style, you should quickly figure out by yourself what you need and what will come handy.

We are sure that some of the things listed below will make your next trip go smoothly.

A well designed, comfortable, sturdy day pack where you can easily fit your travel things, phone, valuables, and the 13inch laptop is an invaluable travel accessory you will find helpful especially when traveling in bigger cities with many people around when you cannot all the time watch your stuff.


When we were packing for a year-long adventure around South America, we decided that travel pillow has to stay at home as it seemed this thing is against pack light and smart rule.

Until today we still regret this decision.

A travel pillow is small, light, and we would have swiped it now for extra t-shirts we carried as we spent so much time on buses that we would have for sure used it a thousand times.


The organization is the key.

Passport holder holds all the essentials, it's durable and lightweight, and keeps your travel documents safe.

We don't probably have to emphasize that without a passport in good condition, you cannot travel anywhere.


Traveling is fun, but sometimes being all day on the road can be tiring and extremely noisy.

These earplugs block out all noise, and you will get the rest you desperately needed. They are great for every situation, washable and reusable, very easy to put in, and have a secure fit. If you have troubles sleeping in a hotel room with windows facing the main road, in dormitories, campsites, or on a plane, you might consider getting a pair.


This little travel gem is light, you can easily carry it on a keychain, and when it comes to the crunch it is not only a knife, but there's also a nail file, screwdriver, scissors, tweezers, and a toothpick.

And the best part? It's compact enough that it fits in your pocket.

These pocket knives come in different sizes so you can choose which one fits you the best.


We love winter photography, and when we lived in Calgary, we spent hours and hours exploring the city in temperatures way below zero. The regular water flask was a terrible choice and really did not work in this part of the world.

The double-wall bottle will ensure that your hot drinks maintain their temperature up to 6 hours, and cold drinks for up to 24 hours.


These biodegradable odorless wet wipes are not just for campers, hikers or outdoorsy people, but we would unmistakably recommend them to anyone who travels as the hygiene standards can often fall from perfect, especially when going to the less-developed parts of the world.


Hand sanitizer is one of the best travel toiletries which help you to avoid getting sick on your vacation, and therefore completely ruining it. We think that if you travel a lot, this accessory is nothing new for you, and you probably carry it all the time with you.

But if you don't, you should start right now.


It's ultra-compact, lightweight, super easy to transport, fast drying and suitable for camping, gym, beach, swimming, backpacking and for all outdoor activities in general.

Generally, travel towel should be in your backpack without discussion.


Ok, you can call us paranoid now and might think that this little thing is slightly over the top, but hear us out.

First off, have you ever stayed in a dodgy hotel or hostel and couldn't get asleep because of weird noises, or shady looking people you met in the corridor before? Secondly, have you ever blocked the door in your hotel room with a chair?

That, or if you want to feel safer for no particular reason, get this cool travel gadget.


Would you like to bring with you abroad your favorite lotion, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, or hair gel on your next trip?

These soft silicone travel bottles are BPA free, easy to refill, don't leak and are great for traveling.


Travel day pack should be durable, comfortable, lightweight, and have ergonomic shoulder straps, and excellent back support.

Osprey is well-known for making great outdoor products, and this daypack is perfect for traveling.


A cracked screen is the most common issue with a cell phone, and the last thing you want to see. Like when we hiked to Laguna Paron in Peru, and I stumbled over a rock, lost my balance and dropped my phone.

Perhaps getting a phone case should be on your to-buy list before your next adventure.


There certainly have been times when we wished we had brought a digital scale on our almost a year-long trip in South America.

This particular easy-to-use scale can weight up to 23kg or 50lbs, which is ideal to scale your luggage before a flight.


Always Be Charging.

That should be your new motto when traveling. We are just kidding (although not really), but as electronic devices play a more and more significant part in our lives and on our trips and vacations, it's necessary to keep all our devices charged.

This safe international travel adapter can charge four devices at a time and will work wonderfully as needed.


To increase your safety, you should buy a combination lock you can use as a luggage lock when traveling by plane, backpack lock when on a bus, gym lock, or for lockers in your hostel. You can set up your own combination.

Thanks to this little thing, you will have to worry less about your stuff.


I love mine waterproof bag - it's durable and rugged, and unlike a regular dry sack, which always felt to me a little bit fragile, I don't have to worry about valuables and electronics inside. It's perfect for any outdoorsy person, and you can use it for all water activities. A great travel accessory.


Probably the best headphones for traveling with active noise canceling that blocks out the noise from an airplane during a flight, street traffic, buzz in a hostel or regular noise you can hear when sleeping in a dormitory.


If you have ever thought about bringing a bottle of wine or any other bottle from your vacation as a souvenir, but never did because you were worried how it would end up, this inflatable travel bag might be your best bet how to safely bring fragile things back home in one piece.


Having a multi USB charger has the benefit that even when all plugs are taken, you can ask someone if you can plug all devices in, and charge your stuff as well.


Yes, phone cameras have come a long way, they are great for general travel photography, and when light conditions outside are perfect, you probably won't be able to tell the difference when comparing photos from phone and regular camera.

But there are still situations when traditional cameras will always be better. For example for shooting wildlife at varying distances at the Galapagos Islands.

And my advice when choosing the right camera?

Don't look into the specs too much as nowadays most of the cameras are great products able to produce amazing photos. Focus on reliability, how they feel in your hands, and how user-friendly they are.


GoPro is a great camera for all types of outdoor adventures and takes beautiful, vibrant photos and stunning 4K video.

It's incredibly user-friendly, the touchscreen is intuitive, it's rugged, totally waterproof and the stabilization does miracles. I had a blast using it in Indonesia and took some perfect underwater photos with it.

You can use it for almost anything that pops in your mind - running, hiking, cycling, snowboarding, snorkeling, or for a family vacation.


We are not the biggest fans of selfie sticks except for this gadget.

It's not technically a selfie stick, but rather an extension pole. It's perfect for diving, snorkeling or other water activities.

If you use it in the salt water, don't forget to rinse it after use.


When traveling, backing up your photos is essential.

Yes, we live in this century and know that now is almost everything in the cloud. But you know what, when you are traveling, reliable wifi is not always available, usually when you need it the most.


Compressions socks are great for long flights and air travel.

And why exactly should you be wearing them? They help to increase the blood flow in your lower legs. It means that they reduce swollen feet from flying and the risk of blood clots.


Bamboo utensils are one of the modern travel accessories you should think of purchasing.

They are easy to carry in your backpack, and it's one of many ways to reduce your plastic waste today.


We got our cocoons a few years back, and now we can't imagine traveling without them anywhere.

The silk material is so soft, lightweight, surprisingly durable, and feels nice on the skin, and it adds much-needed insulation to our sleeping bags.

Mummy liner sometimes serves as a safety barrier between us and the not that clean hotel room.


We still prefer good old garbage bags for all our backpacking trips, but nothing can beat packing cubes for a vacation with a suitcase.

These great packing cubes will keep your clothing organized and prevent any chaos that usually occurs in your suitcase after several days of traveling.


These are solid and durable, high-quality stainless steel luggage travel tags. If your luggage goes missing, thanks to this accessory, it's much easier for the airline to contact you.

And what exactly do you put on your luggage tags?

Your initial, last name, e-mail address, and contact number will be all you need to write down.


Drone photos are nowadays popular and well-rated on Instagram, and this drone is super easy to fly and great for travel use.

If you're looking to pack light on your travels, look no further than this compact drone, which is ideal for travel and aerial photography.


With thousands of great apps, the iPad became one of the best travel gadgets you can bring for vacation and irreplaceable travel companion.

It's perfect for watching movies, reading, listening to music, playing games, browsing the internet, or staying in touch with your friends and family.


For most of us, it's hard to imagine traveling without a smartphone as they've completely changed the game. We are fans of Apple products because they always work as we need.

And what is our favorite travel app? It has to be Maps.me, which you can download for free, and use it offline even for navigation.


Are you looking for a smartwatch that is stylish and functional?

Do you like mobile payments? Have you ever thought about having a map strapped to your wrist? What about staying healthy and track your fitness activities while traveling? These are just a few things that you can do with modern smartwatches.

Picking up a smartwatch for your next big trip can create a completely different travel experience.


Great product for someone who travels a lot an wants to organize toiletries. This portable bag has many compartments to fit all your toiletry necessities and is compact enough for traveling.


Reading is the perfect way to pass the time while traveling.

But there is a small problem. Classic books take up your luggage space.

Kindle e-reader has quickly become one of the must-have travel essentials of modern times, and you should seriously consider buying one (if you already don't have it).


It's always smart to stash extra money in case of an emergency when going out of your hotel room.

And if you don't like a money belt under your shirt, this one with self-storage might be perfect for you. Obviously, you won't fit a passport or any larger travel document in it, but it works great with bills.

You can leave this belt on even for the TSA airport security check.


If you are an outdoorsy person and don't have a hammock, this is the time to get one.

It doesn't matter if you are camping, taking a break on a hike or looking where to spend a night in the mountains, this hammock is simple, strong, and complete.

You can also use it on your backyard or hang it in your living room once you get home.


Functional, sleek, slim, and stylish travel wallet that is perfectly sized for all the essentials you need to carry with you.

You don't have to rummage through your bag anymore.


Are you a light sleeper? Do you need your sleep when traveling?

There might be something for you.

This mask is very comfortable to wear, the fabric is soft and feels great against the skin, fits well, and does exactly what a sleep mask is supposed to do - block out all the disturbing light.


The mosquito net was very effective for all our camping adventures, and honestly, I don't think we would have made it without this gadget when we were camping in the Amazon jungle.

I know that this travel accessory is officially called mosquito net, but it does the job against all types of bugs, spiders, snakes and animal inhabitants of the forest.


Samsonite is a reputable company making travel luggage for years.

You can purchase a three-piece set including a carry-on, checked-in medium and checked-in large suitcases, or you can buy them separately depending on what size you need.


Classic and fashionable telephone wire style ponytail accessory perfect for traveling and all outdoor activities for both men and women with long hair.


Great little device if you are somewhere camping or without access to electricity, and need a little extra power.

When hiking in New Zealand or the Canadian Rockies, we were often without possibility to charge our electronic devices daily, so the solar charger would come handy.


Do you have chapped or cracked lips?

This lip balm will keep your lips moisturized for hours. The tube is small and tiny and has the perfect size for traveling.


If you're traveling while on your period, the menstrual cup might be ideal for you. Some say it's a life-changing, some don't, so you should try it for yourself.

Oh, and you will also create less waste on our Planet Earth.


When we were less experienced, we used to keep all the sd cards, chargers, and cords in travel pouches in our day packs. Now, after a couple of years, we must admit that it wasn't a good solution as they all got tangled up and took up too much space.

This perfect travel organizer holds all the things we need.


This box has a smart travel size, and it's lightweight to take for your more fancy vacations, and long weekends city trips.


Great travel gadget for vacations or short trips, especially if you travel in places prone to dry air. You can purchase a humidifier and use it concurrently with the air purifier.

The humidifier comes with a USB cable so you can power it by connecting to a charger or you can insert three AA batteries.


Bose portable speaker is rugged, IP7 waterproof and dust-proof, yet light, small, sleek, and has up to 6 hours of play time, and it's great for all outdoor use, camping, biking, or a day on the beach.


If we learned one thing from traveling, it would be that staying hydrated is the most important no matter if hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the beach.

We've been using Nalgene water bottle daily for years, and it's perfect, indestructible, and BPA-free. It is a must-have.


I got mine as a present about 10 years ago, and you know what? I still have it and carry it when traveling.

This one has ten features, and you might find other multitool cards on the market with more functions, but this one has probably everything you ever need and all tools are useful.

Keep in mind, that, like any other multitool, it has sharp objects in it and might get tossed away at the airport security check by TSA.


Are you planning on traveling to a country without safe drinking water, or are you going into the wild, and don't want to get sick from using untreated water?

You can buy purifying tablets, but they usually take time before they do their magic, or you can bring a lot of plastic bottled water. Now there is another solution which also helps to decrease your plastic footprint.

Steripen uses UV technology and destroys 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.


We always carry a clothesline with us when traveling, but never bring pegs, and then we end up asking around if anyone has them.

This clothesline comes with clips and solves the problem. Hooray.


One of the smallest and lightest power banks on the market.

We use it mostly on our road trips and in places, where we know, the electricity might not be reliable, for example, we used a power bank a lot while trekking the Annapurna Circuit.

Power banks come in different shapes and sizes so you can easily choose which one you need. We prefer a medium capacity.


I used to have a smaller phone waterproof case but later had to buy a bigger one for my new phone, as this thing is truly essential when traveling.

You probably are going to buy it for all water activities like snorkeling, swimming or kayaking, but I use it all the time when traveling for my travel documents or car keys to protect it against showers, rain or humidity.


I bought mine before traveling to Bogota to protect my camera from accidental slips and as a theft deterrent, and couldn't be happier.

It has quick-connect feature, drop protection, and you can use it as an extremely stylish bracelet when not in use thanks to a cleverly built magnet into the strap itself.


We love our GorillaPod and take it everywhere with us for all our travel adventures. It's pretty durable, compact and lightweight for easy transport, and has foot grips.

If you can't decide between the 1k and 3k version, we would recommend the bigger and bulkier 3K version no matter you have a small compact camera as it is better for stability.


It's windproof, waterproof, automatic, compact, durable, and lightweight. It's portable enough to carry in your backpack's side pocket and should survive strong winds.

Best buy for all your city breaks.


Sunglasses with UV protection look great, fit great, and you should use them for stylish and protective purposes when traveling.


This camera bag is designed to hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera, wide angle lens, and telephoto zoom in a thoughtful and chic design.


This shaver is a great travel accessory for men to keep your beards and mustaches pretty and trimmed wherever you are in the world. It's efficient, easy to clean with great battery life.


This scarf is very light and fashionable and comes with a zipper. The pocket is big enough to fit your phone, passport, or cash.

And most importantly, it's a scarf, so it will keep you warm when you travel in cold weather.


If you ever get bored while traveling, nothing beats good old playing cards games.

You can also learn new games you've never ever heard of before from the fellow travelers you've met along the road.


A reliable headlamp is quite simply one of the key essentials you need to pack when going on a backpacking trip or outdoor adventure.


For many of us, a good laptop is essential for traveling.

And what are the key features to look for in your next laptop? You should be looking for durability, processing power, functionality, compact size, and long battery life.


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