How to Get from Prague Airport to City Center

A guide on how to get from Prague Vaclav Havel Airport to the city center by public transport, shuttle service, Uber or taxi.

Are you traveling to Prague, the Czech Republic by plane? Read our guide on how to get from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague to the city center. No matter if you prefer to use a taxi, Uber, private car, rental car, shuttle bus or public transport, we've got you covered.

Prague has been for years a popular European destination, and every year more and more visitors arrive to savor the beauty of the capital of the Czech Republic.

If you are planning your travels to Prague, the chances are that your first stop will be Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (formerly known as Ruzyne Airport). We've been traveling for years and know that looking for information on how to get from the airport to the city center can be a painful and least exciting thing from the whole trip.

That's why we've created this guide on how to get from Prague airport to the center of the city, to make your Prague experience easier. Depending on your time and budget, you can choose from several ways of transport in order to get to Prague center efficiently by either taxi, Uber, private cars, shuttle bus rental cars or you can use the most economical option, public transport.

It is only up to you, what do you prefer.

You can take public transport from Prague airport to the city center.


Taking a cab from the airport is, without doubt, the easiest and quickest way how to get to Prague's city center, but also the most expensive.

Sadly, Prague taxi drivers have a really bad reputation, because of cheating on tourists, but you should be relatively safe when traveling from the airport as at the moment there are two official partner taxi services cooperating with Vaclav Havel Airport Prague with guaranteed prices.

Another option is to ask your accommodation to send a hotel taxi for you.

Two partner taxi services are Fix Taxi and Taxi Praha. Both operate non-stop, and you can either book the service online, or ask for a ride directly at sales counters in the arrival hall at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

Price of the ride from the airport to the city center differs, but normally it costs anything between 650 CZK to 800 CZK, you should not pay more. When traveling back to the airport, we recommend you to ask at the front desk, don't hail a cab on the street, or contact the same company who brought you to the city center, as they often offer a discount for a round trip.

Our Tip: If you prefer to have your transport booked before your arrival, require a higher standard, and want to have an English speaking guide, you can make your reservation for a well-rated, and reasonably priced transport here. You will also receive a voucher for 4-hour tour of Prague.

Prague has one of the best public transport systems in the world.


Well, Uber is technically a taxi, but we put it here separately, as we prefer using Uber over regular taxi service when possible.

Uber service is still legal in Prague despite several taxi driver protests.

We like the way how to call a driver via the app, the fact we don't have to take care of payment as the amount is automatically charged from credit card, and also that we know in advance how much the ride will cost without unnecessary bargaining. The biggest plus is that Uber is usually cheaper than a taxi.

The only disadvantage is that the price is not fixed but changes throughout the day depending on demand. Also, Uber drivers cannot stand at the terminal, so you might need to wait 5 or 10 minutes for their arrival.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Prague has one of the best public transports in the world, and we use it whenever we can.

We almost never use our car within Prague, always jump on a tram, metro or bus instead. Even though there is no direct transport between Prague airport and the city center yet, it is very easy to get from one point to another, plus it is very cheap.

All buses from the airport stop in either Terminal 1 (Exit D, E, F) and Terminal 2 (Exit C, D, E), if you are not sure where to go, ask at the information desk. You can buy a ticket at the bus station where you will see a yellow ticket machine. You need the ticket for 32 CZK, which allows you to travel for 90 minutes with transfers. You can pay either cash or credit card.

We recommend you to pay with a credit card because money exchange offices at the airport will rip you off. Change money later in the city center.

Once you get on the bus, do not forget to validate your ticket.

There are many ways how to get from Prague airport to the city center.

What bus line should you take to get to Prague city center?

Be aware that in all cases you will need to switch to a metro.

Route 119 | The best way how to get from the airport is to take bus number 119. You need to get off at the last stop Nadrazi Veleslavin, where you must change to metro line A. It depends on where exactly are you heading, but line A goes directly to the center, to stations Mustek and Muzeum, plus you can switch here to another two metro lines B and C in case your hotel is located elsewhere. Bus 119 runs frequently, approximately every 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the time of the day. The whole journey takes 35 minutes. Please note that this bus runs from 4:23 AM to 11:42 PM.

Route 100 | Bus number 100 will take you from the airport to Zlicin, which is the last stop on metro B. It is worth to take this bus when staying in the western part of the city, or if you stay somewhere on line B (for example Andel is a popular district with many hotels close to the center), and don't want to change metro line. It takes 20 minutes to get to Zlicin, another 20 minutes to Andel. The first bus leaves the airport at 5:41 AM, and the last one at 11:36 PM.

Route 191 | The least popular bus line is number 191 which takes you from the airport to station Na Knizeci. It is close to Andel, and it is worth it to use this connection in case you plan on traveling out of Prague by bus - for example to Cesky Krumlov with Student Agency. The bus ride to Na Knizeci station takes 50 minutes. The first bus leaves the terminal at 4:57 AM and the last one at 11:31 PM.

Route AE | The only bus we could consider direct from the airport to the center is the one going from the airport and terminating at Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Train Station, line C). Main Train Station is close to the city center, so you can use this option, but note that this service is operated by Czech Railways, and the cost is slightly higher, 60 CZK. You can buy the ticket from the bus driver. This service runs every 15 - 30 minutes from 5:30 AM to 10 PM, and the ride takes 50 minutes.

Night bus 910 | If you are arriving in Prague late at night or early in the morning, and want to travel by public transport, you need to use a night bus line number 910. It runs between 11:50 PM to 3:54 AM every 30 minutes and takes you to, for example, I.P. Pavlova Station. Another hourly night bus 907 goes to Hradcanska, Namesti Republiky, Hlavni Nadrazi or Andel (among others).

Remember, that metro runs between 5 AM to 12 AM. So it is much easier to take a taxi in case your hotel is not close to the bus line 910 or 907. Of course, there are other night buses and trams operating in Prague at night, so you can change the line after getting off 910 or 907, but be ready your ride will take more time because intervals of night trams and buses are longer.

Our Tip: Download application 'IDOS' or ‘Jizdni Rady’ where you can easily find all connections and schedules within Prague for a tram, bus, and metro. The app will also show you where to change lines.

All departures times were valid in June 2019, although we think the schedule will always be similar, it can always change a few minutes forth or back, please check the app before your arrival for the most up to date information.

Taking a bus from Prague airport to the city center is cheap and safe.


If you are traveling solo or as a couple and don't want to use public transport, you can consider taking a shuttle from the airport. This service is less expensive than a taxi, and it is more comfortable than traveling by bus.


If you plan on traveling around the Czech Republic (there are many worthwhile one-day trips close to Prague) or extend your journey across borders, you can rent a car at the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

The airport is located 17 kilometers from the city center, and standardly it should take you 30 minutes to get there by car. Make sure in advance your hotel offers parking space as many hotels in the city center have limited capacity.

You can also rent a car at the Prague airport.


When traveling to Prague late at night, or when leaving the city early in the morning, you could find convenient to stay close to the airport. Here are hotels close to Vaclav Havel Airport Prague for every budget.

Budget | Hostel Modra - One of the cheapest accommodations close to the airport has basic but clean equipment and everything you might need for your short stay. Just across the hotel is a bus station from where you can get to the airport in a couple of minutes or to metro A going to the center.

Mid-range | Holiday Inn Prague Airport - Modern hotel only 300 meters from the airport has soundproof rooms, lovely breakfast, and you can use free transport within the airport area.

Luxury | Courtyard by Marriott Prague Airport - This amazing airport hotel has everything you would have expected from a place where people primarily want to get proper rest. Design rooms, business centrum, fitness center or early breakfast for those leaving early come without saying.

Alternatively, search for your accommodation via Hostelworld.


For a couple of days long city break, pack comfortable clothes for walking, but here are five essentials you should have in your backpack for sure.

  • Travel Adapter | When traveling from outside Europe, do not forget that we have different sockets here, so bring along travel adapter with multi-plugs to keep your electronics working.

  • Comfortable Shoes for Him & for Her | Having comfortable shoes is essential to make sure you won't suffer when walking the narrow cobblestone streets.

  • Umbrella | It can rain in Prague any time of the year, having a sturdy windproof umbrella can save your day.

  • Camera | Prague is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, so make sure you have a quality camera ready.

  • Guidebook | Although we love reading travel blogs and follow the advice of people who had visited the place before us, we also like to walk around the city with the good oldfashioned paperback.


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