When Is the Best Time to Visit Prague

Read our travel guide on when is the best time to visit Prague, Czech Republic (or Czechia).

Are you planning your trip to Prague, the Czech Republic? You need to consider several things, including when is the best time to visit Prague weather and money-wise. Read our guide on choosing the good season to travel to Prague to enjoy best your time in the capital of Czechia.

Lately, we have noticed an interesting trend in how travelers (including us) look for the best time to visit a destination.

Generally, there are several requirements we focus on, such as weather forecast and seasons, the number of tourists visiting the place, and prices in the destination. Then, we put all those variable data together, and we should get a month when to travel.

Wish it was that easy, right?

Sometimes, you need to consider only months when you and your family get time off at work or at school, and many other things we are in no position to influence.

Prague belongs to one of the most popular cities in Europe, and thankfully, we can say it is an all-year-round destination.

Surely, some seasons are more enjoyable than others, but there are so many things to do and so many possibilities how to build your perfect Prague itinerary, that we are not afraid to say you will enjoy your visit no matter when you decide to visit Prague.

When is the best time to visit Prague, then? We've been living in Prague on an off for the past decade, and I also worked in a Prague's hotel as Revenue Manager, so we know what is the best time to travel to Prague weather-wise, we know when the city is too crowded and when is the cheapest or the most expensive month to visit Prague.

You can visit Prague, Czechia all year round.


Prague or overall the Czech Republic has four distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn, and winter, but it is hard to predict weather far in advance, especially when we take into account climatic changes the world has been going through.

If you want to decide when to visit Prague according to the season, without much thinking, the good choice would be any month between March to September, although they still have pros and cons. Keep reading to find out what is the best month to visit Prague.

Spring - March to May

Weather | Spring is a beautiful and pleasant time to travel to Prague. Temperatures can still be a bit chilly, especially early in the morning or later in the afternoon, but when the sun starts shining, the city warms up quickly. The air is fresh, days longer, and you can see trees in bloom, which adds to a remarkable atmosphere. Spring is known for quick rain showers, and in March you can from time to time experience a snowfall, but no worries, the snow melts quickly in the city. The average temperatures sit around 4°C in March and getting higher close to summer, average temperatures in May are 14°C.

Crowds | Prague is not that terribly touristy during spring, but it's been changing as well. If you want to avoid crowds, you should consider March and April, May, especially on weekends is getting pretty busy. Prague is a popular travel destination during Easter Holidays - this holiday is movable, it takes place usually from mid-March to mid-April, so check always in advance in case you want to avoid it.

Prices | When you want to travel to Prague on a budget in spring, March, and April are good months to consider, except for Easter Holidays. March is still pretty slow, and hotels still often apply winter prices, April is a bit more expensive, and May often sees high prices, similar to rates in summer, especially on weekends when travelers from neighboring countries such as Germany arrive to enjoy a nice city break. Also, note that we have two National Holidays in the Czech Republic on May 1 and May 8, so locals can travel more as well, particularly when those dates fall on Fridays. Prague also sees many conferences in May, so hotels can be booked out by business travelers.

Conclusion | Spring is considered one of the best seasons to visit Prague when you want to combine pleasant weather (it can always be hit or miss though), fewer crowds and cheaper prices. Although May is technically a spring month, we would say you should expect similar rates and a number of tourists as in summer.

Spring is the best time to visit Prague, Czech Republic.

Summer - June to August

Weather | July, and August, followed by June are the hottest months in Prague, but you can also experience rainfalls. Most of the time, a very hot day is followed by a storm later in the afternoon, and your sightseeing and overall time out should not be negatively affected. During summer you can enjoy temperatures between 20 to 30 degrees, sometimes even higher, and walking in the hot city center can be challenging. Thankfully, you will find many bars with cold drinks around, and you can sit outside and enjoy the pretty weather.

Crowds | There are so many people in the summer that it can be sometimes a daunting task to get from one side of Charles Bridge to another. The city has been suffering from over-tourism lately, and for sure July and August are the craziest months when many individual travelers, as well as groups, visit the city. We get it that everyone wants to enjoy the holiday and have nice weather, but we would still prefer visiting Prague in late spring or early autumn. Us, as locals, even avoid Prague's city center during this time of the year because there are moments during the day when walking there is less than pleasant.

Prices | Room rates are at its maximum from June to August, so try to book your hotel either well in advance and secure often favorable non-refundable rates. Summer is for sure one of the most expensive times when to visit Prague.

Conclusion | Prague is definitely in its busiest in summer. Prices of hotels are at their top, but we know for many travelers from wealthiest parts of the world these rates can seem still just fine. Still, visitors traveling on a budget and seeking cheaper rates should avoid Prague during summer months. Prices of entrance tickets, food, and drinks (beer) are not affected by the season. In summer you should be guaranteed by warm weather, the biggest disadvantage is that you are going to fight for space almost everywhere you move.

Summer is hot, and prices are high in Prague.

Autumn - September to November

Weather | If we should recommend you the best time of the year when to visit Prague weather-wise, it would have been September. In September you still can experience pleasant temperatures, sunny days, and statistically, it is the least rainy month out of the high season months. October and November are a bit colder with an average temperature of 9°C in October and 4°C in November, and you can experience more rain showers closer to November, sometimes even first snow which usually doesn't last. We also like this time of the year because leaves on trees change color and the city is very photogenic. Weather in November is hit or miss, sometimes you can have perfect sunny weather when sometimes it can be gray and rainy for the whole week.

Crowds | The secret that the best time to visit Prague in September has already spread, so you will still meet many travelers in the city center in early and mid-autumn, but significantly less than during July or August. October and November are less crowded, November can be actually pretty slow, so it is not a bad idea to book your flight tickets to Prague in case you enjoy leisurely strolls around the city without many people around.

Prices | September is a popular time of the year for conferences, and when you add the number of travelers headed to the city in early autumn, you can be sure that hotels still keep their prices high. October can be likened to April when it comes to rates. If you want to visit Prague during autumn and looking for cheap prices, your best bet would be November. Prague holds many conferences in November as well, but they don't fill the accommodation capacity to the fullest, and you should be able to find reasonable prices when looking for a hotel or flight tickets.

Conclusion | September is probably the best month in a year to visit Prague as it combines fewer crowds, a little bit cheaper rates, and still nice weather. October is not that bad either but it can already get pretty chilly. Weather in November can be rainy, but Prague has so many museums and galleries that you don't need to worry your days will be spoiled, plus it is not likely to have rainy weather for three days straight which is the average number of days people travel to Prague.

Autumn has an almost magical atmosphere in Prague.

Winter from December to February

Weather | The coldest time of the year in Prague is winter when temperatures can drop below freezing point. We have snow in the Czech Republic as well, but snow usually doesn't last in Prague for long and rather turn into grey and slushy thing. But when it lasts, the city is truly stunning, and it can be one of the most magical times to visit Prague. All months in winter see some sun, the moodiest month is February.

Crowds | Winter is an interesting time to travel to Prague when it comes to the number of visitors as the city can be insanely packed or almost completely empty. When visiting Prague in December, it is good to know that the city is a well-known European destination for Christmas Markets, so hotels are often full every week in December from Friday to Sunday. Spending Christmas in Prague is increasingly popular as well, but the absolute top date, the most sought-after time to be in Prague is on New Year's Eve when the capacities are full. Then, the first week in January is quite busy as well because of Russian visitors who discovered Prague to celebrate their Christmas Holidays and from the second week in January to the end of February, you can see Prague in its empties.

Prices | The most expensive time to visit Prague is around New Year's Eve, from December 29 to January 2, followed by Fridays and Saturdays in December. Other than that, prices are quite low compared to the rest of the year.

Conclusion | It is beautiful when Prague is under the snow, but unfortunately no one can guarantee you this unless you are planning your holiday last-minute. To enjoy the city as authentic as possible (and also to take advantage of low prices), we recommend you to visit Prague in January and February. If you enjoy spending your time on Christmas Markets or don't mind to splurge for a celebration of New Year, do not hesitate to arrive in December.

You can expect cold weather in Winter but fewer tourists.


Prague has uncountable options on where to stay, and you should book your room way ahead when traveling around summer (from May to September) or during top dates such as weekends in December or on New Year's Eve. However, Prague has many hotels and hostels for every budget, and we've handpicked three best places for every budget.

Budget | Hostel Boudnik - This hostel offers both dormitories and private rooms, and features free wifi- clean common areas and great location close to the city center.

Mid-range | Nyx Hotel Prague - It is quite hard to pick only one hotel in the mid-range category as there is simply too many of them, but this hotel lies in the center and beats the others with the unique design.

Luxury | Augustine Prague - A luxury hotel located close to Prague Castle set in an old monastery offers beautifully appointed rooms and apartments with stunning views over Prague.

Alternatively, search for your accommodation via Hostelworld.


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